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Advance Celebration

I always looked forward for my birthday every year. Because it`s the day, when God give me the gift of life. And I have to be thankful and be merry for this gift.

This year, Sept. 27, would fall on Tuesday, since it`s weekday, it`s hard to gather all in one day event, so decided to have an advance celebration with my high school friends and my family. Just a simple get together with them, that I could share my happiness in life, and the blessings that God give me throughout the years of my existence.

We had it last Saturday, and thank you to my Ate Goya for helping me with the preparation, from grocery down to cooking. The whole night celebration was great. I`m really happy, that once more... I was able to celebrate my birthday the way I want it. And I`m so grateful that God allowed me.

Thank you to all my friends, who made it last Saturday. For adjusting your schedules to celebrate with me. I`m so bless that I have you all in my life. Thank you, for your love and care! And thank you for the gift of friendship that I would treasure forever. I love you all...

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