Change the things that can be change, accept those that cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference... for Life is always sum up in with three words " IT GOES ON"... Welcome to my Blog and thanks for dropping by!

Long day ^_^

It`s been a long day for me and ate lala yesterday. We do lots of walking.Though a bit tiring but I enjoy and had fun.

Due to upcoming High school Grand Alumni Home coming, and our batch2001 is one of the co-host we do have lots of things to prepare. To come up with our time table, we started it with our batch t-shirts. Tutuban, divisoria, 168 are the places we think the best place to buy a t-shirt for printing. But of coursewe need to canvass first for the best prize for the best brand. That is why we dolots of walking, form one store to another, form isle to another isle, from streetto another street... hayyysss! Yet, relieving, for we achieve our goal for the day.

On our way home, my ate got in her mind to drop at the Rizal Park. Another long way ofwalk... but relaxing and good time to unwind. Musical and dancing fountain is beautifulindeed. Plus timing for the free concert at the park, a cultural festival presentation organized by the NCAA. Amazing long day... ^_~


On Train

Yes... MRT and LRT are trains...
but what I'm talking about it the PNR train. hehehe...

Been here in Manila for 10 years and today is my first time to ride on the PNR train. The fact that FTI station is just a few meters from our school... reason why I did not get a chance to ride during my school days is I don't need to get a ride going to school... nyahahaha!!! No, coz, it's out of way.

Even before, I really want to ride on the train, but because of some nasty stories of some of my classmates, like being hit of carbage, pupu, wewi and etc thrown from the squatters... I disregards this option as my way of transportation. But as of last year, since the squatters along the train rail has been demolished, people say... there was a big change and improvement on the PNR train especially with their service quality plus the points of new trains which are air-conditions... Now, my problem is I don't know where is the station in Alabang... heheheh

And due to traffic on the expressway... I got the reason and the courage to ride on the train yesterday or else I'll be late on my shuttle service... oh fare is almost half less and good enough just on time. Now I know how to be on the train... I liked it ^_^


Azineth Magdamit- Olańo

2005 when I meet her
with Snob eyes and strict
Woman with few words,
but straight and direct...

Days passed, I`ve got to know her better...
Funny and cool to be with!
Business minded, I called her Manager!
and she called me, her " nag-iisang tauhan"...

Best Mom for Lance jester
Great wife for Paulo Olańo
One of a kind for her friends
Awardee employee... ^_~

But for ME, she is...
Best, great, one of a kind woman,
That deserve a life time award
of Happiness and life greatness.

Happy birthday Manager!
As you celebrate your birthday today...
May all your wishes come true!
and more years to celebrate...

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Myspace Happy Birthday Graphics


Idle mode ^_~

As for the first day of this year I`m in constant pressure to achieve targets. To level up on something. Increase my skills and meet required standard. All this are for what they called business expansion. It`s good that people on top of you considered you as GOOD or rather BEST. Recognized your skills and abilities and give you the opportunity to grow more. And for that, I may say, I`m lucky enough... Thank you!

After a weeks of forcing myself to finished the task in soonest possible. It`s okey now.Yes, I feel relief. I may not called it DONE... for I know that one of this days feedback and follow ups would be on the row that needs to work for.

For the meantime, I would like to seize this time, to restore my energy for the later battle. For now... It`s good to be IDle



I just got one happiness of my life for this year. I have may new digital camera.

"Olympus Stylus Tough"
12 mega pixels,
3 m/10 ft waterproof
1.5m/5 ft shockproof.

Though, it`s not really what is planned to buy at the first place. It supposed to be SLR camera. But due to budget constraints because I had triple expenses for the 2010 compared with 2009, I decided to get this one, instead of the last. The point of happiness is, I have my own camera to be with me everyday, to get a shots on things and life.

Hope, soon, I could have my dream SLR camera... heheheh. But for now... my digital cam is good enough for me. CLICK... ^_~


Bitter ^_~

Strong and sharp in taste, having a strong sharp and unpleasant taste such asa orange peel... but best to describe the taste of Bitter Melon or Ampalaya. hehehe!

RESENTFUL... angry , have a bitter smile!

Mentally painful and very hard to accept... a bitter blow!

HOSTILE ... bitter figting !

Very cold... penetratingly and unpleasant cold... a bitter wind!

Whatever would be the best definition for this word... Once you got heartbroken... for one moment or more you define this word most... ^_~


Wherever I GO... I'm there!

Of course wherever I go , I'm there... 'coz if am not, it will just a dream... ^_^, Yes! ... just come to realized this, because there are times that I'm physically IN but my mind and other senses are having a time travel...

This line is a good reminder for me to focus on where I am and what I have... Not to wish for somewhere else and more, for an instant just for the sake of what I called "comforts"... To have in mind, that being in different place, have different partner, different career and etc., my life would be happier... which I proved, It wouldn't!!!

As always... Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy!... Good things happened and starts within myself. I'm the one driving it. Like all any automobiles it's driven from the inside... I, myself is the key to start it ON. Be on the track!... Along the way, I can turn around a times with new things, have a joyride with new people I meet... Happy and content wherever I go...for I'm there... "IN" in FULL... ^_^


My 2010 and Welcome 2011

The pretty me is a bit busy to wrote here for a couple of weeks... 2010 is finished, I think it's good to start the 2011, reminiscence the best of My 2010...

Looking back and remembering all the things that happened... I have the BEST year... I started with settling all my finances problem early of 2010... I had my 1st year anniversary at my company, FRDP Inc. in month of May... I become a BLOGGER in the month of July, (thanks Ms. Ferry)... I had my first time to ride on plane, going to Bicol, for the celebration of great life and blissful years for the 100th birthday of my Lola Sofia in the month of September... Happy indeed and blessed, but of course still there is unnecessary things that happened that out of my control, that hurt me and challenge me as person but it makes me more strong to defend my character, and to bring out the best in me... thank you to all my friends ^_^.

Spending Christmas and New year with my family and to have bonding with them is priceless... Bad weather and rainy days can't stop us to have fun and enjoy the time when we're together... I love you all ^_^

I had my first time in Baguio... with my officemates and friends Ms Rhea and Leo and to my new friends Bee and Kiko... Thank you to Charles and Noel for the warm and great accommodation, we really enjoy our stay. This is my first time out of town travel adventure, one wish that i had for the 2010, and thank you God, you've granted it...

Welcome 2011... more blessing to come, good health and Happiness for the whole year... ^_^

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