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On Train

Yes... MRT and LRT are trains...
but what I'm talking about it the PNR train. hehehe...

Been here in Manila for 10 years and today is my first time to ride on the PNR train. The fact that FTI station is just a few meters from our school... reason why I did not get a chance to ride during my school days is I don't need to get a ride going to school... nyahahaha!!! No, coz, it's out of way.

Even before, I really want to ride on the train, but because of some nasty stories of some of my classmates, like being hit of carbage, pupu, wewi and etc thrown from the squatters... I disregards this option as my way of transportation. But as of last year, since the squatters along the train rail has been demolished, people say... there was a big change and improvement on the PNR train especially with their service quality plus the points of new trains which are air-conditions... Now, my problem is I don't know where is the station in Alabang... heheheh

And due to traffic on the expressway... I got the reason and the courage to ride on the train yesterday or else I'll be late on my shuttle service... oh fare is almost half less and good enough just on time. Now I know how to be on the train... I liked it ^_^

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