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My 2010 and Welcome 2011

The pretty me is a bit busy to wrote here for a couple of weeks... 2010 is finished, I think it's good to start the 2011, reminiscence the best of My 2010...

Looking back and remembering all the things that happened... I have the BEST year... I started with settling all my finances problem early of 2010... I had my 1st year anniversary at my company, FRDP Inc. in month of May... I become a BLOGGER in the month of July, (thanks Ms. Ferry)... I had my first time to ride on plane, going to Bicol, for the celebration of great life and blissful years for the 100th birthday of my Lola Sofia in the month of September... Happy indeed and blessed, but of course still there is unnecessary things that happened that out of my control, that hurt me and challenge me as person but it makes me more strong to defend my character, and to bring out the best in me... thank you to all my friends ^_^.

Spending Christmas and New year with my family and to have bonding with them is priceless... Bad weather and rainy days can't stop us to have fun and enjoy the time when we're together... I love you all ^_^

I had my first time in Baguio... with my officemates and friends Ms Rhea and Leo and to my new friends Bee and Kiko... Thank you to Charles and Noel for the warm and great accommodation, we really enjoy our stay. This is my first time out of town travel adventure, one wish that i had for the 2010, and thank you God, you've granted it...

Welcome 2011... more blessing to come, good health and Happiness for the whole year... ^_^

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