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Long day ^_^

It`s been a long day for me and ate lala yesterday. We do lots of walking.Though a bit tiring but I enjoy and had fun.

Due to upcoming High school Grand Alumni Home coming, and our batch2001 is one of the co-host we do have lots of things to prepare. To come up with our time table, we started it with our batch t-shirts. Tutuban, divisoria, 168 are the places we think the best place to buy a t-shirt for printing. But of coursewe need to canvass first for the best prize for the best brand. That is why we dolots of walking, form one store to another, form isle to another isle, from streetto another street... hayyysss! Yet, relieving, for we achieve our goal for the day.

On our way home, my ate got in her mind to drop at the Rizal Park. Another long way ofwalk... but relaxing and good time to unwind. Musical and dancing fountain is beautifulindeed. Plus timing for the free concert at the park, a cultural festival presentation organized by the NCAA. Amazing long day... ^_~

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