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My gluttony

If eating too much is a sin, then I have it... forgiveness to me. Last night I drop by to Festival Mall to pay all my bills... After paying my bills I decided to go to looked for the new published book of Bob Ong at the Power books store... Yes, as what Ate Andrea said... the book is already available, (this has another story nyahaha).

Going back to my gluttony.. ^_~, on the elevator going down, I saw Pizza Hut restaurant then I started to crave for Pizza and for the Pizza hut chicken wings, plus I remember our girls talk in the locker room... since Ms. gorgeous Ferry, this past few days she had celebrated lots of life happiness and Ms. Rhea has been promoted... we`re pushing them to treat us Pizza... hehehehe

I really want pizza as my stomach wants it more... At first I just want to go for take out, but when the waitress said I have to wait for 15 mins... I decided to dine-in instead, since I have also to wait...

When my food is on the table... I know to myself I`m going to have a hard time eating it all. I just ordered, solo bacon supreme pizza and 4 pcs. chicken wings + bottom less iced tea. But for me, who is not fond of eating, 1 sliced of pizza and 2 pcs of chicken wings is enough, but there is no such item on the menu, so I have to eat it all... It took me one and a half hour to finished my food. And I`m too much full... forgiveness, just this night ^_~

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