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She is now a Mom ^_~

She`s been good to me be ever since I meet her. From my application process until I become an associates. I found and build real good friendship with her. And she is the one who always there to defend me.

She officially sign off being single, as she give her I Do to Popoy last December 28, 2011. I witness how happy she was during that day, and no one, even those who are not present could question that.

And now, she is again facing a new stage of her life... the Motherhood. Gorgeous Ferry is now a Mom... yes, confirmed, if Beyonce has to do with it... it doesn`t matter... hehehe,

Gorgeous, congratulation to you and to Popoy... really happy for you, and I know both of you will be the best parents to "ALL" your kids.

Goodluck and God bless!

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