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For my Kuya

I`m envy to those people who has beautiful had writing. And Sir Eric are one on of them, (wala lng gusto ko lng cya bangitin.. hehehhe ) Though, my hand writing is not that bad also. Convinced??? For two days I was engage to handwriting battle. Because I love my Kuya Nono, I do it for him. It`s for his Thesis case study. I`ve been in the National Library to continue his research. He asked me to get the whole chapter IV of a particular book for him use it as reference. Since the policy of the library is, only the Abstract is allowed to be photocopied, and the book is not allowed to bring outside, I have no choice but to copy it manually with my bare hand and pen... I got blasted finger... Ouch!!!

When I finished the whole chapter, I take a looked on my masterpiece, WOW... not bad hah!!! There are just some pages that it was like a group of chicken drop by... hehehe, Yes! that even I can`t read... But, that`s it, I`m not blessed to have a beautiful handwriting like Sir Eric have... ;-)

kim  – (February 14, 2011 at 8:25 AM)  

i think beautiful hand writing can be achieved through constant practice. still, it doesn't really matter that much if your handwriting is not so nice just as long as it is readable, lol!

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