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Ang mga kaibigan ni Mama Susan

This is a another book master piece of Bob Ong was published last year and I had copy now. I love all his works it`s my friend on my boring lazy time.

Same thing with the other books he had. This one also had a different approach.If the Kapitan Sino has a Hero type, and the Alamat ng Gubat is a eye opening in comic strip. This one is a Journal of a teenage boy name Gibo.

The journal started in September 27 1998... which also my birthday... (what a coincidence) heheheh! It just like reading a usual journal, but what hooked me is, its title " Ang mga Kaibigan ng Mama Susan". Yet, Mama Susan haven`t mentions on the 1st to 10th pages or more of the book. Trilled??? Yes, and when I got the point where the title came from... It trilled me more what would be on the next page and what happened on the following day... I didn`t put it down `till I finished it...At the end, Gibo leave message to all who would be able to read it...

Grab a copy now... ^_^

Mariniel –   – (February 10, 2011 at 8:54 PM)  

gerl.. can i borrow the book??
fan din ako ni bob ong.. hehe..
thanks in advance..

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