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Fun with the 3 'n 1

It's been a big week for me, doing everything to catch up with my schedule... plus a "No Good" things happened that create uncomfortable atmosphere, hhyzzz!!!

Last Monday, I know it would be a tough week for me. Am really thinking to unwind for the weekend to relax and to relieve the energy that I may lose the whole week. And I'm planning to call a friend to join me. But unexpectedly... the three goody boys... Noel, Mar & Leo, invited me or rather asked me for Alabang bonding... which is too favorable for me because I already had it in mind.

Friday!!! and the three boys pursue the plan, and Ms. Rhea join us... Great night, I really miss being in that place, the music, the crowd, but most of all the fun aura of the place. It really feels me good. A bottles of beer with a friends is more relaxing to me than to have a cup of coffee with them, if this is weird for a girl, then maybe that's the one weird thing on me... hehehe

To Ms. Rhea... thank you for joining us, thank you for the time and most especially thank you for saving my wallet... hehehe. Hope you will always come and jam with us even it cause you to be at home that late... ( at mag special ka ng tryk) hehehe

To the three... thank you, it's really a one big fun night for me, I enjoy your company, I was relieve with all, from the food to drinks, from the stories to laughter, I know this would not be the last that we could have bonding and I'm looking forward for that "soon" to come... ^_~

The five of us Dinner at Max Restaurant

At the Safari Bar... Leo, Ms. Rhe, Mar and Noel

Ms. Rhe, Mar, Noel & ME

Me and the Three Goody ^_^

I love you guys ^_^

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