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All my bags are packed, I`m ready to go :)))

It`s the day... its time!!!! I`m so much excited to go home. I`ve be travelling this evening going to Bicol and by tomorrow morning I`ll be home, by then I`m 28. wwoosshhhh :))). Ten years or more, I wasn`t able to celebrate my birthday in bicol with my Mama and rest the of my family, But this time, I will be there in surprise. I didn`t told them I`ll be home on my birthday, but I make a request to Mama, to cook for me on my birthday even I`m not around.. hhehehe

Thank you in advance to all the greetings, wishes and prayers. And I really thank God for giving this rare opportunity to be home for couple of days to be with my family. I`m so blessed, nothing I can asked for more, just good health for me and to HiM, to my whole family and friends. 

Dear God, guide me and be with me on my trip. I love you and thank you for everything... Amen

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