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Birthday Vacation

Just came back here in Manila yesterday morning from my super enjoy and happy Birthday vacation in Bicol. And I still have hangover with my vacation until now. So timing of going home, there are lots of activities for four days of my stay.

One thing that I miss and enjoy most is drying the new harvest Palay. Raking of palay under the heat of the sun, it has been years was`t able to do it, and for once I enjoy it much. For two days I take the role of "taga bilad ng Palay".. . hehehehe

"taga bilad ang Palay"

There was a scout camping and Yes- O camp ( Youth for Environment Summer Camp), my nephew Paul is one of the participant. There is torch parade, campfire and other camping activities that all participants and visitors enjoyed to watch.

Our barangay Benguet, was the host for the ALAY LAKAD 2012 in Gubat it was in celebration of Civil Service month. Though, I did not join walking form town proper up to Benguet, I was able to capture moments by taking pictures during the whole activity. I even reunite with my former teachers in elementary and High school, who`s until now doing their mission, to educate and mold ones life.

Alay Lakad participants

With my former teachers

But the most is, I accomplished my mission on my birthday to start my own little advocacy, to help kids appreciates and understand, how important education is. I give few story books for kids in our Elementary school to add on their mini-library. And perhaps, teachers can use it as medium for teaching. I`m really thankful I have given the opportunity to do it. It makes my big day more special and meaningful. Thank you to my sponsors :)). I`m hoping and praying, that I can do it again, for many years to come...

Elementary pupils with teacher Lala and teacher Lerma

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