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At last... Tagaytay!

At last... I`ve been to Tagaytay, ever since I came to Manila, this is one place I want to visit! But every time it was planned, it was also canceled. Just this one, and thank you for the effort of my Nhelpotz, thinking this idea for her best friend, Ms. Rhe post birthday bonding.

We`re just five, Me, payts, Nhel, Ms. Rhe and Lei ( Nhel`s little nephew)! We have late lunch at Koorah Koorah first before we go for a walked at picnic grove. My ignorance about the true beauty of  Taal lake and Volcano has been alleviated, because I`ve seen it, not only at pictures :)).  Lei enjoyed the horseback ride with Payts, Nhelpotz and Ms. Rhe go for fish spa and foot massage. We don`t go for zipline! But I really enjoy the day, and I know they too.

Its a happy day bonding, feel so free, relaxed and refresh! Afternoon full of laughter, Me and Payts really enjoy being with this two pretty lady. Hope to have next time!!!

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