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Quality time

Time is precious, we can`t turn back the the seconds that passed, it`s good take the most of it. HiM and I both work in shifting schedule and not so often that we both in same work time frame, good thing that Sunday is given to us we`re both rest day by then.

But one day for a week is not enough for me to give him quality time that I could share stories of what activities I have each day. Watch DVD movies with him, though most of the time he always fell asleep. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with him or just stay awake talking and laughing together.

Having two consecutive long weekend, I really make sure to give him quality time to have bonding with him, even in simple way that I can. Last Friday I surprised him, when I dropped by in their store and waited him until he finished his shift. We make quick photo shot at the Ayala triangle garden, have Mcfloat at McDonald as we catches what we have for the day. I just love being with him, and I will seize each free time and day that I have to spent with him and I`m looking forward for more...

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