Change the things that can be change, accept those that cannot and have the wisdom to know the difference... for Life is always sum up in with three words " IT GOES ON"... Welcome to my Blog and thanks for dropping by!


Like most relationship, HiM and I have misunderstanding every now and then. Even just on small things, and I think its normal. Because we`re different individuals with different likes and dislikes at one point. Not all the time our views and opinions laid on same plane. And perhaps all these, make us more strong as one.

When HiM knows he made a mistake, he will admits it and will say sorry!, but most of the time he will never explain why it happened or why he do it so... that something get to my nerves, because I want explanation. His reason why do explaining he admitted it already, he say sorry and with action plan not to do it again... grrrrhhh!... this is HiM and I need to accept it, because His attitude and character is part of what he is as a whole. This makes us give the sweetest smile for each other after the fight :))

Accepting the things the we don`t like from our partner, does not mean we`re blinded, love is just strong enough to make us embrace things beyond our perspective. And on the other way, our partners also doing the same thing with us.

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