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Don`t make decision when angry!!!

Don`t make decision when you`re angry. When we are angry our mind loose the state of balance of what is good and bad. Most of the time, we make decision base only on our emotion, on how much we get hurt. We utter words and make actions out of control.

By the time we are already calm, we`ll realized that we don`t really mean it. It was just the result of our annoyance or being pissed off. What we have said, already said, what we have done,already done, and everything is not that easy to take it back. The word, SORRY can`t fixed everything.

Better to be careful when we`re angry. Let everything subside first.  Better not to say anything util you`re calm and relax. Or you`ll find your self regretting on one thing you don`t really mean too.

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