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It`s in the BLOOD

It`s really in the blood... hahaha. Am happy today, my sister-in-law, ate yvet, shared the good news that really makes me proud... Colen (their eldest daughter), won the First Place for the Photo Journalism in Division unit. And for that, she is going to compete for the Regional Division in Baao Camarines Sur on December 1-3, 2010... Bravo, congratulations in advance ^_~

Ian Colen is Grade six pupil of Bacon Central School, she belongs on the top ten of their class. This is not the first time she won in a competition, When she`s in lower grade, she also bring home the bacon, winning the first place for Story Telling competition in Legazpi City, if i don`t have a bad memory, she won it twice in two consecutive years. Aside from this, other thing that makes us proud of her is, she is the current President of the Pupil`s Government in their school. She won on the election last year, by landslide... (yabang... heheh). She may be a little too busy with her extra-curricular activities, she able to manage and balance it with her academics.

I could remember when i was in my grades school, i usually compete also, but am more on sports, athletics in particular, that`s why aside form being a salutatorian, i also have an special award, athlete of the year during graduation hehehe. I go also for the poster and slogan making contest, DAMATH competition and essay writing, but i never won first place in this category.... nayhhaah! just runner up and special award. What is good with this kind of school activities is the exposure that the kids could have. To be chosen among others, to represent theirs school can boost good character with the kids. It can build self confidence at their early age, a good start to discover their skills and capabilities. To the parents out there, support your kids with their school activities, it could be a good help as they grow up. Definitely I`ll do the same when i have one.

With Ate Colen`s competition for the Regional Division in Camarines Sur, I know she can make it. I`ll be her number 1 cheerer, and whatever may the result, she will be always the winner for us. Keep it up Ate Colen... I AM ONE PROUD TITA

tolally carbon copy

f e R r y j H o i  – (November 12, 2010 at 4:14 PM)  


i tot i would be reading a pure praise to Colen.. baket naman kasi may "I could remember when i was in my grades school, i usually compete also"... hihi

send my hugz to her!!!

Gilay  – (November 12, 2010 at 8:18 PM)  

just to justify that it`s really on our Blood... (lusot sa pagsali sa sarili... pinansin pa kc hehehe)

hugz already sent ;-)

thanks ~_~

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