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NO to Oversleeping

I have a lazy Sunday!!!, blamed it to my excessive sleeping... toink!!! I have a normal sleep time of 5 to 6 hours during weekdays, but during weekends i usually got 9 hours sleep or more.. hehehe, reason i don't have work so i don't have to get up early... ^_^

But, have you notice it that when you have an excessive sleeping, you feel so drained, have less energy, you got headache, that after an hour or less you still want to go to bed??? Yes, so true... So, No to oversleeping!!!

Anything which is Less and to much is not good. Oversleeping or excessive sleep is not healthy habit. It can cause health hazard. When we sleep, that is the time that our body is repairing itself to return it normal function when we wake up, but it doesn't mean that when we sleep longs hours, it's more better. Base on what i have read, side effects of oversleeping includes heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. weeeewww!!!

Health is wealth, have a healthy habit...

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