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My manager

In lieu to the October 25, special non working holiday due to barangay election, for our group, today is our regular working day... the other group had it last Saturday together with the other associates who are working at the regular time schedules, and it includes our Executive manager, my manager, my boss, my mentor... Mr. Nakashima ^_~, though he already work last Saturday, he still join us today, without /;@$^%...without driver... and he stay with us until 5 pm, for some urgent reason from us... this is something "WOW"... thanks a lot!

Mr. Nakashima is one of our Japanese expat at FRDP, he is the Executive general manager of the R&D department, under with him is the Testing and the Design group. He start working at FRDP last year, and we're too lucky to have him as our manager... If am going to evaluate his performance... i would give him a perfect 10, excellent...(sipsip!!! hehehe), true, not because he is perfect, coz he is not and no one does... but for me he got and possess the perfect quality of a Good manager... in little more time, that spirit will come out and he will be fully equip.

In spite of the communication barrier, Japanese to English and perhaps with the Tagalog too, he stand on it very well (with the help of Sir jun), He really make an effort on it. With all the challenge of explaining everything, he was able to share his ideas and knowledge to us. His enthusiasm to his work, boost enthusiast to us particularly with our deadlines. He was able to create a productive environment within the group by providing information that empowers and level up our skills, be more innovative and creative. Having differences, he manage to build a good morale within the group. He has the great sense of responsibility and accountability, able to accept and correct his mistakes without hesitations. With all the hectic schedule he has, with all the emails, phone calls, design and drawing checking, plus the analysis... he never failed to be jolly everyday, and this is something the best to him... His commitment and dedication to his work is really incredible. With all that have been mentions and other plus plus... I salute to you Sir Nakashima, two thumbs up ^_^

f e R r y j H o i  – (November 12, 2010 at 4:17 PM)  

yeah!! agree and saluting to nth power too!!!

He is indeed, a low profile Boss!!
you are very lucky to have him, and so we are.

>> lubos lubusin nyo na gerlai.. baka next time hindi kasi bait nya ang papalit.. hala -->> lagot!! hihi

Gilay  – (November 12, 2010 at 8:22 PM)  

oo nga eh, sana he would love to stay for 5 years or more... at kong papalitan man cia, sana tulad din nya... para masaya... hehehe

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