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Here in the Philippines, this is one of the event that most people waited and prepared off. The "UNDAS"...November 1, which is the "all saints day" and the November 2, the "all souls day"... Wherein we commemorate the death of our loves ones and the rest of our brothers and sisters who passed away.

Although, everyday they are always in our prayers. This is the day, where we give our time to them to visit their grave, offers flowers, lighted a candle, offers specials intentions and prayers. But here in the Philippines, it's also become the day, wherein the clan have their reunion. A celebration of a happy family, where everybody could share anything.

I remember when i was a kid, it's a fun day, aside from being a holiday at school, it's time to play around... running around the grave, jump on it...Yes, i'm not scared jumping on it, or even stand on it...(sorry may they all rest in peace), but what i love most is the ball making over with the melted candles... with different colors and scented.. ^_~

To all our love ones who are already there, i know all of you are in God's hands now, watch over us, we miss and love you... ;-)

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