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Won't die Empty

This week is so tiring to me, i don't have much work schedules but a don't know why, i feel weak and tired... losing energy... am i dying??? weeewww!!! am not afraid too, 'coz i know am not empty though not yet full too...

We're here for a purpose and we always think that all things need to do and finished it before we go... I know am not yet finished with mine. People, wake up early for work, stay up late for same reason, avoid having fun ( good to me am not... hehehe)... People, to much preoccupy themselves with their schedules... do the listing to be done, but forgetting others which is more important, with their minds that after they get through with what is listed, they could give time to others, which is too rare to happened, because as we cross out one, other new will fill in. Your wristwatch is too much demanding on you... get it off!!!

Just reminding, that there is nothing more important than to our own internal being, and the happiness of life that we could share to our loves ones, and definitely you could not have it if you're too preoccupied and obsessed on what is on your list to do. Don't put yourself always on emergency, just be at ease and focused, everything will be in done in due time.

Purpose of life is to be happy, enjoy life along its endeavors and struggles and live life full of love. For it's proven, that when you die there will still be unfinished business left, but you don't have to worry about those things, because someone will take care of it for you...

Have all the moments of life with all the inevitable... so you won't die empty but full.

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