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Love ko 'to

I really treasure all people i have been with before, even it's not often i get in touch with them, the memories and learning's i have with them will not be take for granted... ;-)

It's a lovely Friday night at Mcdo... ate ja peret treat me with a yummy cheese burger Mcdo with sundae Mcfloat together with ate love.

Ate ja and ate love are just the two among the people, i know loves me and care for me... hehehhe, they are my co-workers when I'm still in Amertron Inc. i work there as a QCI. I have lots of fun and stories being with them for more than three years.

Being in Amertron, is indeed a big part for what I have achieve in my life, people who sacrificed their own time just two give way on my schedule, cover up on my mistakes, partners in crime, lolz... me as their younger sister and friend.

To my PLASTIC family, manager (ate azi) and kua Pau (couple I admired most)... 'te love, 'te ja (medium), 'te ja (large), 'te caren, 'te kaye, moymoy, joel, elie, oriel, kua egay, 'te annie, 'te love (liit), 'te ren,jocelyn, joyleen. To my SMART family, 'te emhil, tintin 1, tintin 2, shei, 'te rona, 'te lotis, cel, louise, 'te I, venus, bless, jomel, erickson, 'te polang, 'te nel... and to the rest for both department, i may not say it personally, but deep inside my heart,"THANK YOU SO MUCH", and I'm so blessed you've been part of my life.

Miss all those days... ;p

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