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Birthday blues ^_~

hayyissst... I'm not getting younger anymore... heheehe, anyway i will stick on the old man's saying that "only Carabao goes old" hhehehe

One year is so fast and now another year to come... but each day is still not sure, just a promise...

Last year, i started my year with something not so good, it's right after the "ONDOY" yah, the first time we had experienced that flood water came inside the house... but thanks God no one get hurt in our family, i give my sympathy to all who lost their love ones and valuable things because of Ondoy...

For a couple of years, I haven't celebrated my birthday, the way I want it to celebrate it, because of some uncertain reasons happened... it's more on the typhoon and other personal matters... hhehehe, ssshhhhh___!!!

Before I'll sleep tonight, i will ask God, to give me "tomorrow", to make my day the way I want to celebrate it... I know, i have the strong feeling He will grant it to me.

And for my birthday wish...

I'm not asking for the best, just wishing for something real...

Thank you for the wonderful and blissful years of my life... ^_~

♥jennpotz♥  – (September 28, 2010 at 4:42 PM)  

I'm happy u finally celebrated it the way you want to celebrate it.. haha.. with the pizzas & menudo.. =)

Wishing you another year of happiness and may you finally have in your hand the "something real that you'd wanted all along.."

sana magustuhan mo SWEET gift q sau.. haha =)

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