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Night of 09102010

One of my post in Girls Talk, movies topic last month is the "Resident Evil : After life", as i have said, am looking forward to watch it... and here we go, thanks to the other group for having this in mind watching it and inviting us to join them... Mizpah who has the brain of planning, but sad to say, she is just a brain, lolz... so with that, she could not come with us... hehehe. Angel and Gelo, who really works on it to make it possible,(hmmpp, for all i know, it's all because of my hair that i bet you.) ~_^!!!... anyways a big thank you, to both of you... to Gian, that for the first time... he say YES and really come with us hhehehe, and also special thanks to our dear guest Ms. Joan, Gian's girlfriend, who is so nice and cool to be with... (until next time)... @_@

And here is the happenings...the night of 09102010 at Festival Mall, Alabang...

We have our dinner first at Tokyo Tokyo, having chickas while eating... thing that we miss because of the separate work schedule that we have... the fun in our group ( Me and Gian), and the drawback of the other group (angel and Gelo)... haissttt!!!

Gian and Ms. Joan with their super bowl meal... hehehe

After dinner, we go to watch the movie, which is really our main purpose... watch Resident Evil: After Life... nice movie, there is a moment that i hold and catch my breath... put my hand on my face and grasp my mouth for me not to shout... %^&@, but i think, the movie is not yet finished, there is other next part... BITIN Eh...

Me and my undying peace sign... Angel and Ms. Joan

The boys... with their stolen shot... DAW!!!

Then, after we had a movie... our next stop, is to have and enjoy 1 bucket of beer, this time I choose the "APLAYA"... but we've got wrong table... first is, we're a little bit close to the band performing, not far enough so we could hear each other... ha???... ano??? ah... ok!!! ano ulit... ano daw??? hehehe____ second is, after 30 minutes we've been there, it rains, and our table is on the side... me and gelo's back are getting wet... grrrhhhh!!! But still, the night is awesome... again I really had a great time (as always ^_~)... Catch me in my curly hair... eeewww!!!

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