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Ms. Botswana

One of my dear friend is celebrating her 26th birthday today... Ms. Botswana of Dos Mil Uno... the one and only, Betty herself Mary anne EreƱo... ;-D

A super friend, one of a kind... so nice and cool to be with, a girl always on the go but knows her limit, the one who is always present in our batch event... can laugh as much as she can but sometimes she also cry out loud... (tagay pa)... A girl with a big heart towards others, maybe not all people may notice it, but indeed she is... a girl who loves music... "RAKISTA"...but most of all a girl who is too conscious with her tummy ( picture... picture... opss ang tiyan)... lol, hehehhe

Mean, you know how much you mean to us, Dos Mil Uno loves you, you make our batch connected to each other, you're like a foundation that make its strong and alive... thank you for the shared friendship, and I know we still have lots of fun, stories, tears, and of course i will not forget bottles to collect... hhehehe @_@

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