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Funny issue but more on insulting...

This morning, i have a post on my wall, from someone Sourdnaxela Sanera qouted "inlove kpb kn ton2"

Past track :Tonton (johnson) is my childhood sweetheart, he is my by best enemy during elementary, we're like cats and dogs everyday... but it has change when we enter high school, although we go separate school, we build a good friendship together with our childhood friends. After high school i came here in manila for my college, I just went home in Bicol during summer and I was in 2nd college, when he courted me, in short "naging kami", she is my first BF, but we ended up after a year... i've been in new relationship, and he also had, but nothing has change to the scenario every time i go home, the bonding event that we used too have are same, even i had with me my new BF, and i salute tonton for being such a good sport, because i know i hurt him in some way. Year 2007, his GF (cheche- cousin of this someone who posted on my wall) got pregnant, but they don't get married, this time a little change, we just have "chikas" when we got in same place, and sometimes a bottle of beer with my cousins and with his kuyas... yah, ever since am close with his two kuya... with her GF, we're not friends, just civil, we haven't introduced, we just know each other by name. In fact, am one of the fairy Godmother of their son, boboy, but before i accept the invitation, i ask tonton if che knows about it, and he say "yes, she knows about it and it's ok to her"...

Until now... Tonton and I are good friends,and am civil with her "wife", but i try to be friend with her, but it seems she don't like... and i don't want to be "feeling close naman" if she don't want... recently i went home for my Lola's 100th b-day( Sept. 30), Oct. 02, is tonton's b-day, it happened that i'm still there, so he invited me to come over (tonton's parents house),so i come with my cousin, some of our friend are also there, che is there, but we don't have a word to each other... i have a little conversation with Tonton's parents and i didn't stay longer, after 1 bottle of beer i decided to go home, but he brought me home, that's one thing never change, even i will insist to him that i can manage to go home alone, i'll never win, even he say "ok" when i looked at my back he is there following me... I already talked to him about the issue, of what people or Che may say ... he answered me "kong hindi kaya ng ibang tao intindihain ang pagiging kaibigan ko sayo, hindi ko na kasalanan yon, basta wala kong ginagawang masama, ikaw, kong iiwasan mo ako choice mo yon, bahala ka pero ako hindi ko gagawin yon, dahil lang sa sinasabi at iniisip nila, dahil alam ko tama ako..." i didn't manage to react, to say a word, i just nod because I know he has the point. Sometimes he send message and missed call me, just simple "kumusta", I do same also, but it's too seldom to happened, once in three months or a little less...

With the post... i don't know where she got that issue, at first i thought i was just a joke... but ohhh may... it's not, i try to control myself not to respond to her comments, but i can't ... yah funny but too much insulting on may part, the fact that she didn't know me, maybe just by my name! i confronted Che, about her cousin's post, because the night before, i send a text to tonton "muzta", but Che is the one who replayed with me, and with exchanged message its seems we're okey!... make me shocked this morning with this post... What a coincidence!!! Che replayed to my confrontation text that she doesn't know about it, and she say sorry on what ever her cousin said to me...Sorry, honestly, i don't believe her, i just give her the benefit of the doubt... as gorgeous ferry and my cousin said... don't trust anyone of them and don't let them dump you... agree, and i will give them a good fight if that is what they want!!!

Well... i'm happy with my life, and no one can ruined it! ^_~

f e R r y j H o i  – (October 19, 2010 at 4:38 PM)  

ang haba!!! I can't imagine your face while typing this gerlai!!! hihihi

Well, as I have sai.. and I will always say this to you!!!

>> am with you Gerlai.. kahit may kasalanan ka oh wala!!! am yours!!! hihi

>> tama na!!

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