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Lola's 100th birthday

Our family is so blessed that until now we still have her... we can't merely express the joy that we have in hearts as our Lola celebrated her 100th birthday last Thursday, September 30,2010... Me personally, i waited for this day to come, and i really claimed it to happened.

We just prepared a simple celebration, yet fun and memorable. It was started with the Thanks Giving Mass followed by a simple get together lunch by the whole family who is present, relatives and some family friends.

Lola and lola Angustia (lola's youngest sister)

Since it was my lola's birthday, of course most of the guests are lolas also... and this is the most funny and super enjoy to witness. The way they talked to each other, seems both of them don't understand what they are saying, most of them the have memory gaps, when you ask something to them, they would response with out of this world answer... hehehe, yap funny! but they are admirable... to come up with that age is a achievement, what kind of lifestyle they have in the past or it's more on because of the kindness of their heart and faith to God or maybe both...

To lola, happy birthday... if God will grant more years to come, it's plus bonus to us, thank you for the great life and best inspiration that you give to us. We love you so much...

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