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Tiny Fingers and Toes

Jerrah but I called her George, One of my bestfriend since highschool visited me, I know already that she is pregnant and I'm so excited for her pregnancy, her baby would be the first baby of the group... "RiverHeights". She is almost 8 weeks pregnant, and she has this pregnancy difficulties, the morning sickness, vomiting, craving on some food, but she can't eat much because she would vomit it off, and also there is some kind of allergy on her skin. She already consulted to her OB-gyn, and her OB said it's normal but need to be careful.

Take a looked on the baby inside, the tiny fingers and toes are being develop on the 8th week of pregnancy...

We looked on some articles about pregnancy, and its really amazing how the baby are being form in the womb of the mother. From week one to week 40, we imagine during the times that our mom carrying us also to their tummy. We also like this, our hands are to short, we have this big head, we don't have neck yet, our eyes is like a spot,...until we reach 40 weeks and we're totally a complete human being.

My mama don't tell me about during the time that she is pregnant to me, maybe because I don't even ask...hehehe, We're six that my mama carried in her womb, and I'm the youngest, I hope we didn't gave her a hard time on that and too much pain during her delivery, because we're all in normal process and plus she give birth not in the hospital, just at home with the "comadrona", could you imagine how pianful it was... ***sign... For my mama, I love you so much and indeed we're too lucky to have you, you're the best ever! ;-)

feRry jHoi ^.^  – (July 27, 2010 at 3:36 PM)  

yeah Gilay, so miraculous. Imagine a life carrying another life inside. Diba? that is what you called GOD CREATION.

Happy Tuesday ^.^

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