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I don't know why, I always got a first impression of being a serious type. Which for me, I'm not. Like what I have said on my post "Being in silence"... I'm not a girl of few words, (*-*)

Sir Ian, one of my officemate, a senior engr., always say an apology everytime he joke or say creepy things on me, for having in mind that I got offended because of this "serious type" impression, No, I'm not... and where for me, he is more likely serious. He is some kind of snob, lolz... with a "bahala ka sa buhay mo" expression ;-)... but on the contrary, he has this well disciplined attitude, organized, smart, futuristic and a healthy conscious one...

This week he ask a favor from me, a hand with his personal business in life. It's just a little favor which everybody of us can do. Without any second thought I do the favor for him, for I know it could help him to accomplished this things that he is worrying about this fast few weeks.

But this morning, he give me a chocolate with almonds. He said, it is in return to the favor I gave to him. Yes I'm surprised, because I don't expect a return from the favor I gave. But what surprised me more is, that he also have this sweet things in spite of being some kind of snob ^=^. We could not really said, that first impression last... Thanks for the chocolate, we have food to share on the shuttle... ;-)

feRry jHoi ^.^  – (July 27, 2010 at 3:47 PM)  

aha!!! so ito pala ang dahilan ng pinag saluhan natin sa shuttle nong isang araw!!! hihi...

At si Sir Ian smart, ahm.. pag isipan ko muna.. hihihi health mindful oo... hihi jukies.. peace Sir ian ^.^

Gilay  – (July 27, 2010 at 8:19 PM)  

Oo, ito nga un, buti n lng diet ka... hehehe

At, Oo smart un, sobra nga eh, lolz, ;-)

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