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I admire him ^_^

This is funny... to realized that I have still hangover with my high school life... It almost ten years past. I had the best high school. Build good friendship... and all the fun as part of the early teenage life.

Although during high school I was considered as one of "Mga anak ni Rizal" as Bob Ong categorized and define it in his book ABNKKBSNPLAKo... naks... hehehe. But I doesn't skip myself to the world of having a high school crush. I only have one ultimate high school crush. It was started 2nd year and I keep that admiration to myself until in mid of 4th year. I share that little secret to Ate mich because she already trap me at one point... until it was blown to the whole batch a month before our graduation, but to good I've been sick so I skip from all the teasing moments, when I came back to school we're all busy for the practice...

He don't posses the tagline of being tall, dark, and handsome. He just a common student not being notice so often. But what captured me about him is his silence yet with firm character. He doesn't talk much, but ones he did, it has a substance.

And know, after almost ten years, finally we meet again, though I already expect because I'm the one who make the call and text him to come to our batch get together. But still I was surprise when I saw him... until I realized... yah! ten years... there is no big changes on him, just a build on his body. And he still get may attention with his character and attitude like before. I have admired that boy before and now I still admire this man... ^_^

rheapotskie –   – (March 29, 2011 at 1:29 PM)  

Hmmm... Sya pala.. Naks naman..

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