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Japan Tsunami, 2011

March 11, 2011... Tsunami in Japan!!!

It`s a big break news all over the world when Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a 23 feet tsunami. It`s like the movie 2012. Really scary and alarming. No one anticipated it to happened. Even the modern technology wasn`t able to detect it will occur that huge.

If this is the response of Mother earth with all the abuse that people made with its natural. I think we need to reconstruct things to rebuild it or rather to maintain what is left know and be part of the world campaign to protect the earth.

This is really a devastated event that would be written to the world history. Distressed impact throughout Japan, to its economy, government and most of all to its people. My sympathy and prayers for them.

In this kind of downfall event, all country are unify as one.
God in your mercy save us... Amen

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