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Small amount yet Big to the Heart

Last week, Gelo been hospitalized due to dengue and typhoid fever, thank you Lord, he is fully recovered now. With Gelo`s absences, I`m the one who take charge for the group. Updating work schedules, assisting rest of the associates with their work loads to the meet deadlines. As the most senior in our group, I considered this as part of my job description when our Assistant Supervisor is not around.

If that is an act of Leadership... I humble myself, I have it with me. Doing such things is just a plain task that I have to handle. But so touchy, when its being appreciated. As my Boss handed me this Gift Check of Starbucks... and he said, "sorry, it`s just 100 pesos, you made a good job being the leader". 

It`s not the amount or GC, it`s the thought that counts. Thank you, Mr. Nakashima :)

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