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1st Fun Run :)

Hayyyaayy!!!  My Blog is snoring loud ( hahaha) ... wake up!!!

Running is not knew to me. I`m an athlete, way back. Before, I can run 25 laps at 400m oval. If my conversion is correct its 10km. That is our warm up during our training in athletics and that is  how good my stamina before.

Its been decades I`m out of this sports. And on July 29, I will run again. I will be joining to the 36th Milo National Marathon here in Manila. This is my first fun run, and I`m really excited. I`m doing practice in preparation for this event. My endurance in running is not same as before, but I`m persistent that I can make to the finished line. Good thing, HiM is very supportive, He`ll run with me :)

Goodluck to all runners, lets run to help give a child a pair of shoes!!!

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