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Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat - Game 7

Boston Celtics in my team, sad that they didn`t make it in game 7. Still, I love them. Boys give good fight and best game with Miami Heat. After Miami wins two straight for the 1st and 2nd game. Boston put Miami on pressure after winning straight 3 in a row for the 3rd up to 5th game. Makes them lead in the series 3:2.  Miami tie it up after game 6. And for game 7 it`s a do or die for both team. Game 7 ended with score of  101-88, Miami win champion for the Eastern Conference and they will be facing Oklahama City thunders for Western Conference. The game will open on Tuesday night. One thing to looked forward for this finals is, if Lebron James can make for victory... hmmmp!

Yet... I go and cheer for Oklahoma :)

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