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Sport fest 2012

Its been a couple of weeks haven`t write here, my race track is not empty  nor too busy, It`s my laziness fever hanging with me this past few weeks. Hehehe :) Getting over and recovering, want to start this, with our Sport fest  held last Saturday, June 9, our venue is at The Mills Country Club.

I always looked forward in every company event that we have, for one year we have only four activities, and as much as possible I want to be present in all this event. We`re finished with the 1st event last March, the Company Outing. Sport fest is the 2nd, for four years, bowling is the mean game, Badminton were added just last year. And same with last year, I joined in both games, that put my whole body in pain!!!

Sport fest aims to make all associates get to know each other beyond office things. Build harmonious relationship, teamwork and camaraderie.  This is also the time, were all associates have bonding time with each other, specially to those in the shifting schedule. That is why, it`s good if everyone will join. I`m really hoping that in the next two company events all Associates can make it. For sure, it would be more fun.

Congratulation to the Recreational committee event is indeed a success... until next time! For the WIN :) 

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