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Learning to Budget

For the years I`m been working, I don`t practice proper budgeting with my salary. It just come and go. No question, why I don`t have good savings. I buy what I want, I go where I want as long as I have money for it. Even before, I always think to do budgeting... but sadly I failed for the nth times. Maybe because I just live with my own, no one asked and question, what I`m doing with my money.

But this time, I really have to work on how to budget with my earnings.  Admitted, I`m not getting younger, I have to prepare with certain circumstances may happened, cross finger for that. Also, there are plans have to pursue in the year to come that I should be financially equip, even not that stable but at least I have something to start with.

As practice, I check what bill I`m going to pay for the 15th and 30th cut-off, separate the amount for my savings, and also my allowance until next payday. So I could manage and budget well with the rest. I more practical on things I buy and cut unnecessary expenses. I make sure I really need it and useful. I also make a list of my expenses for the whole month, for I would know if I`m spending to much.

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