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HYPER thing

Last Monday, we started our 2 weeks training for the new software we're going to use for design particularly in the analysis. And it will end on December 16th. The software is called Hyperworks. This software is really good. Really hyper as it was named!

Some things are common and familiar for me, but most are little bit different, and works opposite from the current software we're using. Manipulation is unusual base on most common practice. But, software can produce amazing and reliable result.

Our five days training is over, thanks God. My brain is quite exhausted, but I learned a lot of things. Things that are all new to me and others helps develop my skills. Another five days next week. More on hands-on practice. Deep understanding of software and, say... troubleshooting of errors.

I really have a great week. But for my weekend, I need to recharge. My mind needs to be refuel to be ready for the battle next week.

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