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Ready for Christmas

We`re lucky in our company because we don`t have work schedule during Christmas. For this coming holiday our off is from December 24th to January 2nd. Enough time to enjoy the Christmas spirit and also vacation galore.

Since, it`s Christmas, I always wanted to spend it with my family, like most others do. As early as September, I started planning. First, thing I always considered is my travel, if by land or by air and of course, I don`t want also to miss a single event here in Manila before going home, especially our company Christmas party.

Yesterday, I have already my plane ticket for Dec 24 flight going to Legazpi. I choose to travel by plane, aside for time hassle free, I can attend to our Christmas party in full time, unlike last year I leave the party earlier, because I need to be on the terminal bus on time.

I`m pretty ready for my Christmas vacation, Although, gifts are not yet wrap, I was on my time table schedule, doing all the things that is needed. I have to travel light since I`m going home alone and for hassle free.

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