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Sarung Banggi

This is a yearly activity of Burugkos, Inc. It was started last December 2009. The members of this organization is mostly Gubatnons.

Sarung Banngi- means "one night". This is a mini concert featuring local band and local singers from our town Gubat, Sorsogon. The proceed of this event will be use by the organization on their projects. For this year, it would be for environmental management workshop of Burugkos, Inc in coastal barangays in Gubat, Sorsogon; capacity building seminars, Career Orientation Program for high school students, Rizal Day Clean-up 2012 and other projects.

Our batch, Dos Mil Uno, look forward for this every December. This event become one of our get together for December. One night of fun together with the other Gubatnons. But, sad to say, I will not be able to attend tonight. My sister also has an schedule, so, I'm the one who will look for the kids and stay at home. ;-(

Anyways... enjoy everyone, have fun and congratulation Burugkos, Inc. Well done Job!!! More power!

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