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Chillax night

Though there is no much reason to celebrate, as Benly say goodbye also last week and my bonding contract is finished, to have fun and bonding are good enough to hang-out...

It`s Saturday night, singles are on the road... hahaha!!! swimming plan were not made possible, but Alabang session is very much welcome... I`m the only thorns, angel and Ken wasn`t able to join (sayang)... But it`s doesn`t make any difference being the only girl, because I`m always one of the boys, one good thing on ME... no gender basis!!!

Hang-out bonding with all boys... fun crazy things is expected... hahaha! No dull time, no run out of stories and jokes... emo emo mode!!! and love life story would not be set aside... harharahar!!! Peace boys...

One night of bonding is over, but it wouldn`t be the last. There are more laugh to share and more bottles of beer to open... to the next stop... KAMPAY (^^,)

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