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Out of My Bond

Today is my 2nd year anniversary at my work. And I`m out of my bonding contract. Happy to know that I`m free from any contract obligation, but much reason of happiness, that I know I have done my part out of my best.

For two years, I gain lots of knowledge and experience great things here in the company. Things that give more me enthusiasm and crave for excellence. Experiences that make me more responsible, competitive and thought me to be a better person.

Professionally I gain a lot, but I gain more than enough personally... I found new friends and build awesome relationship with them. I could feel the trust, respect, care and love that cuddle me and put me on my comfort zone whenever things go wrong. How lucky I am to be part of this family.

My deepest gratitude to everyone. Cheers for me and more power to our company.

Domo Arigato Guzaimasu ^_~

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