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Done with x-mas shopping

hhaiysst! so tiring... :)

One week before Christmas, shoppers are really on the go. But thanks God I`m done with my list. Last weekend, buying gifts for Christmas is one of my schedule. I haven`t recover yet with my less hour sleep but I really have to do the shopping, I don`t have much time lift to put it on other day.

Good thing, HiM favored me in helping doing the task. It take us also 6 hours walking and roaming inside department store after we finished what to buy. Having the list of names and what items preferred for them really a big help, though because I have lots of option when we`re inside the store, some items on my list I think to replace... and most,  I`m having a hard time which to choose, this make us consumed little more time. hehehe...Hope my inaanak, nieces and nephews will like what I have buy for them. Items don`t have much monetary value but its really form the heart.

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