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Looked who I have lunch with...

May 2001 the last time we`ve together, eleven years on the count. Allan, is my best and my closest cousin ever. We`re in grade six when we`re first introduced, by then, all things been good and comfortable for both of us. Though, we didn`t grow up together, we studied in separate school during elementary and highschool. We just see each for some family occasions, but most during summer vacation. But during our 3rd and 4th year in highschool, we`re given the opportunity to work together as we both become the leaders of Youth Ministry of our Cluster. We handed 7 baranggay kapilyas, with more than hundred members. Working together as leaders, strengthen more our relationship not only as cousins but also as friends. We really have fun working together and enjoy each others company. Though, there are times we also have misunderstanding, but we get all through with those times. Until we got separated as we graduated highschool, and we lost our communication as we studied here in Manila.

Until last Sunday, our path crossed again, It was Mr. Facebook help us  first to locate each other and to update both of us of our whereabouts... The meet up has been plan many times, but just last Sunday has paid those plans. It`s really good to see Allan again. Not so much change on him, physically bigger than he is before, for obviously he gain pounds, and nothing so far. He is Allan I used to be with before. The way he talked, he smile and laugh. The person I admired with intelligence and with good heart. 

Now we`re really grown ups, not only by age but by the way we think and view about life.We maybe believe, see and understand things in differently, have principle that view in separate perspective. But nothing can change what we are before, the foundation that we build and blood that we have that connect us most.

Be noted, we enjoy the shirmp and rib treat at Cajun red rock...:))

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