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Last day for 2012

yyyaahhhoooo! Last day for work... vacation mode! 

I`m one of the few who has the benefit for a long vacation during Christmas season. Start tomorrow until January 2 of next year, eleven days on my count. No need to wake up early in the morning or keeping awake and alive during night shift. It`s time to relax and enjoy. :)

Three more days, and it`s Christmas. I decided to spend Christmas here in Manila with HiM and also to give way with my Ate`s family vacation, I`m the one left at home and be a care taker.. hehhe! But on new year I will be in bicol too, I will start my 2013 with my family.

I had the best 2012. I`m family is good, no one got sick seriously. I did my best at work and they give me good thing also in return. God blessed me so much, for having a good health through out the year. Being happy and inspired each day. I`ve been through some obstacles but He never put me down. 

Thank you Lord for everything and be with me on my vacation as you always will.

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