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Worked with the Best One

Sometimes when we`re asked and given the task to work with other people whom we know that they are really good and well experienced on the field, we`ve got the fear, turns back and decline to accept the job. It already happened to me, which I regret after.

It`s really good working with some people who have lots of experience toward your job. Aside form you will learn a lot of things from them and gain some tips to be more effective on your job. It also give challenge to you, and make you appreciate more what your doing.

For the two and half days visit of one of our colleague from Japan and given the task to assist him and have some discussion about development project, its really a nice Accuracy Up meeting which I realized that for 3 years working here there are lot of things I`m not familiar with. I was astonished the way his mind working and to his imagination how things work and will work so far. Having very limited time left to his deadline, his very positive that he could come up with the best result that has an accuracy to meet client requirements.

The positive attitude towards work is very remarkable.

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