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Alone for a weeks

This is not my first to be left alone here at the house, but now it's a little bit long. I used to have my Ate and the two kids when I got home from work. There is a sounds, not only the TV. There is people I could ask and talk when I wake up. But for two weeks, I gonna leave with myself alone, of course with some stuff TV and computer is with me.

As much I love to cook, I can't because no one would eat with me at the table. It really sad to be alone. I can't go out for long, for I will be worrying because no one left in the house. I just tired to fill in some stag time with a book, good thing I buy one last Friday.

I almost finished Smallville series, season 6 and 7. But my eyes give up watching DVD the whole day. So have to switch on other stuff to make me busy. It's just one day now, and I'm helpless! It good that by tomorrow I "ll be back to work.

I know very well that it just a matter of convincing oneself... I'll be fine...

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