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Mcdo Ads pull-out

Because of the claimed made by the CBCP about the Advertisement of the Mcdo, the fast food chain pull-out their ads, they already stop it airing on the television.

It`s not that I`m against with the plea of the CBCP. They also have the point why they make a comments on the advertisement. The commercial with the two kids, dealing with boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. And I do get and understand what they are trying to uphold. Relationship is not take on a bunch of fries only, and those kids are not in the right age for a relationship that my have a big impact to other kids and would affect on the way how parents teach values to their children.

Just on the sad note, I love that commercial. I adore the two kids on the ads, acting like an adult one, So cute and funny and I love their lines. Plus, the they are so cute and very refreshing on my eyes... Oh I love Mcdo ~_^

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