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Lots of hungry

I`m hungry... huhuhu!!! whom I`m gonna blame! It`s gorgeous ferry (hehehe) who doesn`t inform us that there is no canteen for the evening shift. Manufacturing have no work schedule for the night shift.

I`m really hungry, no! not only me, also TJ, Mar, Leo and Sir Ariel... No choice but to have food delivery. McDo!!! One hour delivery time... of course we`re willing to wait, for we don`t have food for dinner... huhuhu! lent is really here, fasting isn`t it! No good!!! Chicken meal please... hhmmmppp! Ma`am not yet available! what??? ggrrrr!!! Okey fine, whatever would be available... end up with chicken nuggets... not bad really!

One hour waiting, is a bit sacrifice! sad to say, 10 minutes late delivery... well good enough for nothing... I`m really hungry... starving best to describe!!! Oh I love McDo...( burp )

Anonymous –   – (April 8, 2011 at 9:29 AM)  

hmm...wawa naman.. pero gerl.. di rin alam sa GA na walang canteen.. di rin kami naadvise.. hehe. magexplain?!..

blame it to them..

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