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Friday -Two bottles

As what I have posted on my Facebook... "Its great that there is someone you can text when you need back-up... hehehe! Thanks, Its fun Friday night!!!" My circle of friends from the office, already planned to unwind by Friday, but due to some certain circumstances, it turns to... just a plan! But great I had back-up... hheheh

I really don't have a good day yesterday... its just a common things that happened, but sometimes those commons, blown me also, even how tough I am...(hehehe) That is why, even our plan has been canceled ... I really want to go out, Just ME or with a buddy, but of course its good with the later. So I decided to drop first at festival, maybe I could have food trip and buy a new book at National.

On our way to Alabang, I got in mind to text Eman, a college friend, I ask him if his Busy and if we could have two bottles...(hehehe), He replied to me after an hour, asking Where I am?...and we start the two bottles...hehhe, joined with us one of his officemate Sir Gleen, who happened to be our schoolmate also. The two bottles become a three buckets plus four? bottles free...hehehe! The place is awesome, we enjoy the stand-up comedians, and the music, they played great songs... the three of us do have moves within our seats and waving our hand on the air with the beat of the music. And Eman joined singing in every song feeling like a true singer... hahahah! Bad moods and all negative really blown away.

Its really feels good to unwind, especially if you with the best buddy!

f e R r y j H o i  – (April 21, 2011 at 9:36 AM)  

thanks to Eman!!! tsuri!! may toothache really kills me!!!!

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