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I'm okey same with I'm not

Disapproval of others is one part of life that everybody has to deal with. Words and thoughts from other people, both okey and not, favorable on us or its opposite, are all pure reminder of the old line that, we will not be able to please everybody at all time.

Each and everyone of us has our own ways and standard on how to look, think or to judge personality, ones work, ability etc..., I may think like this, but others may think the other way around. And somehow we go against this reality. We got angry, hurt and feel disappointed when others rejected us on some ways or give us their disapproval.

Acceptance is the best way to overcome this situation, though, it really needs persistence and self-contol mind, the sooner we could accept this fact, that not everybody would be saying "YES", "GOOD"... the more it would be easier on our part.

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